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UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator System UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator System what is in the box UnexAnyShot easy accessibility to the controls on the swing pad Home simulator
UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator System what is in the box UnexAnyShot easy accessibility to the controls on the swing pad Home simulator
UnexAnyShot Advanced Home Golf Simulator
UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator System Persönlicher USB Heimgolf Simulator
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UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator Einführungspreis

UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator
It is now more affordable, than ever, to own the UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator System. UNEX is advanced and easy to operate. With the UNEX Golf System, you can use your own clubs, play a round of golf with up to four players and hit balls from the tee to the green with accurate feedback information on every shot. The advanced system chooses the club for your next shot, but you can simply change your club from the swing pad.

Easy Accessibility
The Greatest Feature of the UNEX Golf Simulator is the easy accessibility to the controls on the swing pad. The controls are built into the swing pad enabling you to make the following changes without having to go back and forth to your computer:

• Direction Switch: Moves the direction to the target on the screen either to the left or right to adjust for fades or hooks
• Club Selection Switch: Used to choose a heavier or lighter club than what the simulator has chosen for you
• Mulligan Switch: Used to cancel your last swing and replay the swing
• Trajectory Angle Switch: Used when you need to ascend or descend the trajectory angle (lowest / low / medium / high / highest)

UNEX Golf Simulator Software
UNEX Golf Simulator Software offers 14 realistic courses to challenge your golfing skills.

Additional benefits of the UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator
• Supports left-handed and right-handed players
• Distance measurements in yards or meters
• Accurate realistic experience
• Practice shots from anywhere on the golf course
• Visual display of your shot in real time

Recommendation: Halten Sie Ihre Schläger in der Anfangsphase ca. 2 cm tiefer als sonst, um sich mit dem Gerät vertraut zu machen.

Unex System Anforderungen:

• Desktop & Monitor ofrt Laptop
• CPU: 1.8GHz or greater
• Interface: USB 2.0
• Disk Space: 3 Gb or greater
• Operating System: Windows XP or greater
• Memory: 2GB or greater
• Graphic card: NVIDIA 7300T, RADEON X1650XT or greater

• USB powered - keine externe Stromversordung nötig
• ein freier USB port

Ihr UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator enthält alles um zu starten.

• UNEX Advanced Golf Simulator Software
• UNEX Optic Sensor Swing Pad
• USB Cord
• Friction Tee
• Soft hitting balls
• Instructions Manual

Raumhöhen Empfehlung: approx 8ft x 8ft (240 cm)


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